FogBugz Quick Guide

Learn how to use the main features of FogBugz with these quick start videos

FogBugz is the ultimate software development tool than can be used as a support tool, issue tracker and project management system. Learn how to use each functionality with our short and easy tutorial videos:

Basic Terms in FogBugz

Learn the basics, understand how everything works on FogBugz:

Iteration planner and Kanban boards

Use FogBugz in an agile way, learn how to take advantage of the iteration planner as well as the kanban boards:

Help Desk

Use Fogbugz as a help desk tool, support your customers using the email functionalities, learn how:

Search, filters and Notifications

FogBugz has very powerful filters and search functionalities, learn how to use it at its best:


FogBugz comes with a wiki where you can collaborate and share the knowledge with your team, learn how to use it:

Time Tracking

Understanding how your project is going has never been easier, follow up each task, understand how to track time through FogBugz:


FogBugz comes with predefined structures, but you can also customize your workflows, learn how:


Integrate FogBugz with your main tools: Github, Slack, Google Drive, Twitter and more, learn how:

If you still have questions about how some of our functionalities work, write us at, and we’ll be happy to help you.