The Best JIRA Alternative

If you've had enough of JIRA's soul-killing workflows, come try FogBugz!

FogBugz is the best Atlassian JIRA alternative because:

Everything you need in one place

Straight out of the box you get agile development, task management and email integration functionality already built in, making FogBugz an effective and complete project management and bug tracking software. With JIRA, you need four separate products to get all of the functionality available natively in FogBugz. JIRA breaks the product apart to appear less expensive and then charges you for each integration or add-on.

complete project management system
development tools that actually work

Search that actually works

FogBugz offers the best search on the market so you can always find the data you need. JIRA requires you to memorize their search syntax, complicating the simple task of finding items you’ve worked on or reporting back to management. With discoverable, full-text search across all fields, FogBugz does the digging for you.

Maintaining software shouldn’t be harder
than your job

FogBugz was built to stay out of your way, while JIRA’s heavy configuration process leaves the burden of administering their software to your team. Some companies actually have to hire someone specifically to do this job. FogBugz comes with pre-set structures allowing you to focus on the work at hand.

easy to maintain software system

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FogBugz integrations come standard.

Connect all your tools in one place without paying extra

JIRA’s app marketplace puts the weight of evaluating third party integrations on your team, often listing up to 10 separate offerings for the same tool, each with a separate cost. FogBugz offers first party integrations with the tools you love, and creates an easy environment to build custom integrations with no surprise price tags.

JIRA sold you out

JIRA has added unnecessary complexity and overhead, for the benefit of managers instead of developers, cutting your productivity by forcing you to follow countless processes. It tries to be a project management tool for developers at the same time it is a control tool for managers. A tool that tries to be everything to everyone is good at nothing. Check out FogBugz project management software today and see why we're the best JIRA alternative!

easy to use project management software