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FogBugz search

FogBugz includes a powerful search engine, allowing you to instantly search the complete contents of cases, wiki articles, and customer correspondence.

powerful tracking search
track issues with snippets


Snippets are templated responses with placeholders for personalization. Write a response once and then quickly reuse it as many times as you need. These can be used to respond to any text field in a case, but are most useful for replies to emails.

FogBugz issue tracking

Tags let you easily categorize content and find it later. You simply need to enter the tag in the FogBugz tag field while editing a case or wiki article.

track issues with tags

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bulk tracking

Bulk Editing

Need to repeat the same action over and over? Use Bulk Editing and do it once. Just as snippets allow your software developers and help desk team to avoid re-typing, bulk editing allows them to avoid re-doing the same action over and over.