FogBugz Integrations

Integrate easily with tools like Github, Slack, Google Drive and Twitter


See a FogBugz case summary in Slack whenever you link to or mention a case. Use Slash commands to add new cases and update existing ones from within Slack.


Monitor Twitter for tweets that mention keywords you’re interested in, like @mentions and hashtags.

integrate with slack and twitter
integrate with GitHub


Automatically create Bug Events in FogBugz cases when pushing commits to a GitHub repository. You can track the work done on a particular case, and provide context about why a changeset was committed.

Connect cases to code changes, capture error and crash reporting, and create custom integrations for your team.

- Git or Mercurial Integration with Kiln
- Automated Error Reporting
- Flexible API

easy to setup integrations
integrates with google drive and trello

Google Drive

Automatically link documents in Google Drive to FogBugz cases. You get a handy link taking you from FogBugz straight to the document you need.


Search for and add FogBugz cases directly to Trello cards. You can see the case number, title, amount of time remaining or status, assignee, and time of the last edit for each case.

You get more than a shipping date, you get a confidence distribution curve, showing the probability that you will ship on any given date.