Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I configure user?
A. Administrators can configure users by going to Avatar Menu -> Users. They can move a user between these four types, configure their settings and set their project, wiki and discussion group permissions (through the use of Groups).

Q. What is the Free Two-User Tier?
A. The FogBugz two-user tier allows teams of one or two people to use a complete, full-featured version of FogBugz , professionally hosted at our data center, at absolutely no cost. We won’t charge your credit card, there’s no advertising, and there’s no catch.

Q. How do I switch to the Free Two-User Tier?
A. All accounts start in free trial mode, which has an unlimited number of users so you and your colleagues get a feel for the product. When the free trial ends, we would just need to know what tier you’re going to be using going forward. As a simple validation procedure, we'll require a credit card on file for all accounts after the trial period.

Q. How do you setup a project?
A. An administrator can create and edit projects by navigating to Avatar menu > Projects. Administrators can also determine which users can view, create and edit cases within a project with permissions set on the project configuration page.

Q. How do I create a backlog?
A. When you enter the iteration Planner, select the planner you’d like to use from the dropdown menu on the top-left of the screen. Next, choose the milestone(s) you’d like to use by clicking “Add Milestone” on the top right. The box that appears allows you to search through both global and project-specific milestones, as well as create new milestones for use in planning. For example, you may want to use a backlog milestone to triage your cases, and add them to sprint milestones from there.

Q. Can I get emails in FogBugz ?
A. You can use FogBugz to handle customer interactions over email. If you’re using FogBugz, your FogBugz account comes with a free cases@xxx.FogBugz.com mailbox to get you started. If you have FogBugz on your server (or if you want to use an email address of your own), you’ll just need to have a POP3 or IMAP mailbox hosted on a server that FogBugz can access.