Evidence Based Scheduling

Automatically estimate your real schedule

What is evidence based scheduling?

Evidence Based Scheduling or EBS is a statistical algorithm that produces ship date probability distributions. It gathers evidence, mostly from historical timesheet data and provides accurate schedules. EBS produces a probability distribution curve, so that you know for any given date, the probability that your project will be completed. Evidence Based Scheduling is perfect for forgetful team members. It also takes into account factors like holidays and vacation time. EBS even considers contributions from those who only occasionally get a chance to work on projects, like busy managers!!

evidence based scheduling chart
evidence based scheduling graph

With EBS you will:

- Know what features to build and which ones you won’t have the time for.
- Know the impact of extra work.
- Know where time is being spent.
- Understand the size of tasks.
- Identify bottlenecks and learn from poor estimates.

Project time tracking

Time estimates are incredibly useful as they give your colleagues an idea of how much work remains to be done. For a complex project, this project time tracking feature shows the big picture and helps you meet your goals. Knowing probable dates for shipping helps you plan better. Project time tracking ensures a balanced workload and helps you to understand how much work each team member has assigned to them, allowing you to re-assign tasks if necessary so no-one becomes a bottleneck. Time tracking also helps you understand the impact of different tasks in your schedule. This lets you decide what work must be cut in order to be able to deliver by a specific date. Having a project time tracker is critical when it comes to determining real shipping dates that you can report to your customers.

One of the most revolutionary and mindblowing features of project management software today.

Using EBS you can set estimates and priorities, identify where work is getting held up and reassign tasks using our drag and drop interface.

project management software with time tracking features

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Simulate many possible futures

EBS produces extremely reliable schedules. It works by gathering evidence, mostly from historical timesheet data, that you feed back into your schedules. EBS uses the Monte Carlo method to run a simulation, with 100 possible scenarios, each with 1% probability. This shows the full range of possible futures for a project based on randomly selected historical velocities for a developer. What this gives is not just one ship date but a confidence distribution curve, showing the probability that you will ship on any given date.

You get more than a shipping date... you get a confidence distribution curve, showing the probability that you will ship on any given date.