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FogBugz is a tool created for developers by developers

FogBugz is a DevFactory company that was founded in 2001 by legendary software guru and visionary, Joel Spolsky. Joel championed FogBugz with a focus on becoming the best project management and issue tracking software on the market by simplifying progress tracking and oversight processes and allowing software developers to spend more time on writing code. Since its inception FogBugz has made a name for itself within the developer community as being a tool for developers that has their best interests at heart. With the addition of Kiln, which was groundbreaking in its innovations around version control, FogBugz became the go-to solution for project management, issue tracking and team collaboration for developers everywhere.

FogBugz project management software

We create value for your Company FogBugz allows development teams to focus on writing code without having to waste time creating or reinventing new structure or processes. We believe in the same vision that Joel always had - that 5-50 person software development teams need to maximize the time spent on creative code writing and minimize the effort in management overhead.

  • Get accurate and win customers with Evidence Based Scheduling.
  • Always be on top of your code with Kiln’s Version Control.
  • Track issues, bugs and open items. Always know what needs to be worked on.
  • Build and maintain your product and sprint Backlog in FogBugz.

We've been leading the way for nearly 20 years FogBugz pioneered the issue tracking and project management market and was one of the first commercially available bug tracking tools. In November of 2017 we were renamed to Manuscript, and used that name till DevFactory acquired Manuscript in October 2018. Manuscript was once again named FogBugz with the desire to continue with Joel’s legacy and the original spirit of the brand.

A project management tool is only useful if it helps you to get things done more efficiently.